This is to show my support for Yhen’s call forย  “Love for Rice”. Not an official entry.

Its just a concept.

I have no pics to use. So it doesnt fit the criteria anyway. Have no time to take the pics that i have in mind. And since today is the last day of submission, i wont have the time to make it. Also tried searching for a decent pic that suits my concept, but cant find any. tamad talaga ako, alam nyo na naman un diba? =)

The concept: I should have pictured an elderly couple (husband and wife) sharing a bowl of rice. And on the picture of the happy elderly couple is the caption “Love Big As Forever”.

So in the end, it may have 2 different meanings. Undying Love for Each other (Love Big As Forever) and
The Love for Rice (Love BigAs Forever).

To yhen, sorry for not being able to send an entry. But at least I am showing my support, right? =)