After 3 years in my very first project, I will have to pack up and leave people whom I already considered close friends. It is my choice and bitter-sweet as it is, i must go.

It was my very first project here in this field that i really knew nothing about, programming. I was not a programmer. I am actually a techno moron. Yes, I know what a keyboard looks like, I know what a cpu and a mouse is, I use the net, I play a little pc games, but that was it. I am no programmer.

My college education and license did little help on my line of work I chose after school life. I am a techno moron CPA in a world full of techies. I did not fit in, at first.

After a few weeks of training. I kinda told myself, “Hey, I can deal with this shit.” =)

And I was off to my first project. I can still remember my trembling hands when I did my first work for the project. And to think it was only to run some report. I was so afraid to click that little button. That little button to run the report. But after 3 years, I aint even afraid to play around some coding anymore. Try different things.

We were the pioneers of that project. It was a new client for the company. I can still remember how we used to do night shifts because the other team members were somewhere in the U.S. doing some onshore work. It was so hard to stay awake during those “Knowledge Transfers”. We would end up sleeping through it.

After the KTs, its now our time to show what we’ve got. Time to display those skills we’ve learned to help the client. It was tough at first. We had to study the system. Know what works and what doesnt. And boy, a lot of them did not work. So we had to fix things that previous programmers messed up. It was a tough first year. But we managed through it.

I learned… and for someone who considers himself a techno moron, I did good. I managed to get recognitions for the work I put in. I was even an instructor for a module I was working on. I even had to teach other projects how that module functions. And as new teammates came in, I was the one they were consulting for issues and investigations.

But then again, things change. Things worked against me. I became frustrated. I was never a fan of office politics.

So I changed too. I did not do as much as i used to. I rebelled. 

But instead of continuing this I just decided to step away. If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I will only be proving them right. So its best to leave.

I will be leaving taking with me the all the knowledge I learned from this project. I will be leaving taking with me the memories of the people I had pleasure working with.

I was not a programmer. I am now. And will only get better at what I do.

Here is to yah all guys…