“He is such a pig!”

“He is a jerk”

“He is this, He is that”

People have their own way of perceiving others. That is their right and nobody can take it away or stop them from exercising it. You can’t tell someone to stop thinking this or that thing about you.

We can only be judged/perceived by what other people know about us. What they know is based on what we show them. People can’t judge/perceive you by what they don’t know.

Some people still don’t understand it fully. Saying “Don’t Judge me. You don’t know me.” Yes, you are right. But they do know something, and that is what you show them. They might not know you fully but they can speak for the things they know you about you. If they are way off base, then that is different.

You may perceive me as a jerk or as an asshole. Naughty. Pervert. But that’s cool with me. That’s what you think. And it might be a fair assessment by the way I talk here and based on my comments. I understand that. Because I know that we are perceived only by things known to other people. And in a blogger’s case, through our writing and the thoughts we put on writing.

So does referring to me an asshole or a pervert fair? I guess so. You do have basis. Hell, if I’m reading me, I might say that and more. But does that assess me as a whole? Not by a mile. It may be a part of me, but not the whole. But of course I go back to what I’ve said earlier, we are judge by how we present ourselves to people. And you can only judge me through my writing and nothing else. So you have every right to think of me as your not so friendly neighborhood asshole. =)