Urban dictionary (yes, the ghetto cousin of Merriam-Webster) defines the term as:

 “To masturbate to someone using your mind, not your hands.”

 It already sucks that someone thought of the mindsturbation term way before I did (although I did not find out until I’ve thought of the term), but their meaning to the term mindsturbation is very different from my definition. They actually mean, to masturbate (but not using the hands but the mind).

 When I was thinking for a coined word for the blog that I will be creating (have created), I was looking for a word to describe the act of thinking differently, opening the mind, looking at things on a different perspective, stimulating the mind to promote understanding. (and, yes of course, I was trying to look for something naughty too. Guilty)

 For me, mindsturbation is the act of stimulating the mind to give pleasure (not necessarily sexual) to a person. It’s like saying “intellectually stimulating” actually.

 e.g. “I just had a mindsturbating conversation with this girl I met at the park. She was amazing.”

 ”Dude, I was smoking weed last night, right. I was just staring at nothing man, then I had a mindsturbating experience. I now understand the meaning of life man. Totally rocks man.”

 See, it has more ring to it than just saying intellectually stimulating.

 All of us mindsturbate. I do. In fact, I do it daily. Multiple times (Oh yeah!). When you wake up in the morning, and you are not sure if you are to go to the office or not, you are mindsturbating. When you don’t know what to wear, you mindsturbate. When you are creating a blog post, you are mindsturbating. When you try solve a problem at work, you mindsturbate. When you see a very beautiful woman on television, wearing a 2 piece bikini, with large breast, long legs, flat stomach, and a round ass… you lock the door first. then you mindsturbate.

 To have a good and satisfying mindsturbation, keep in mind that it involves a lot of thinking and imagining things. You have to have great imagination. Great imagination equals great mindsturbation. Sometimes it helps when you massage your head (around the temples). It helps on the circulation of blood in the head. You can use baby oil to maximize the effect of the massage. When mindsturbating, you must start slow. Don’t force your brain to think fast and hard yet. That will come later. Keep your train of thought straight. As you go along, pick up the pace and go faster (deeper). Think faster and think deeper. You will feel the need to go faster as you go along especially when you are approaching your goal – the enlightening thought. And when you do come to a conclusion and reach your goal, you burst into an inexplicable happiness and satisfaction.

 Mindsturbation is actually healthy. It keeps your mind active. It keeps the circulation of blood to your head on a good level. It relieves your tension. It’s a nice way to de-stress. It is also good to mindsturbate with somebody, especially your love ones. You can also do mindsturbation in groups, Mass Mindsturbation.

 This blog will feature my thoughts as results of my constant mindsturbation. You can also share your enlightening insights about anything. I encourage you to mindsturbate me. Mindsturbate all of us, by sharing your thoughts.

 Like it or not (you are a hypocrite if you say you don’t like it), Mindsturbation is part of growing up. Mindsturbation is part of being human.

 “Come” and Mindsturbate!