It was not long ago since I read a post about this program. I think it was BeefJerky or BakaTapa or something who posted it. I made a comment that someday I will be a part of it. And now I am.

I am now a champion.

For children…



Some kids play Farmville for fun… Some kids actually do that work for real.

Some kids cut classes… Some kids want to go to school but they can’t.

Some kids don’t eat their vegetables… Some don’t even have vegetables to eat.

Some kids got pimped out rooms… Some kids don’t even have a bed

Some kids got bright future ahead of them… Some kids won’t even make it through to tomorrow.

Every child should be able to enjoy being a child. Every child should be given an opportunity for a brighter future.

Let us help these children get the best possible start in life they can get.

20 pesos per day.

The amount to spend on a half pack of cigarettes.

The amount of the dessert after lunch.

The amount of one-hour worth of surfing/blogging.

The amount of one soda can for refreshments.

The amount that could change a child’s life.

Be a champion. Visit and click the Champions for Children button on the home page.