*Disclaimer – if you are conservative and easily offended,  I am sorry. You may now stop reading.

Twitter was on a frenzy yesterday as Vagina takes center stage as #ReplaceFilmTitlesWithVagina got into trending topic. I cunt stop myself from joining in the fun. Dirty-minded people found their opening to thrust in a few lines. Some people called it stupid very immature while others just went with the flow saying to the conservatives to stop being a pussy about it.  As for the one who started the trend, you sir must be a very funny dude/tte.

Now, come and enjoy a few samples.

  1. What Vagina are you From? (What Planet are you From)
  2. High School Vagina (High School Musical)
  3. A Beautiful Vagina (A Beautiful Mind)
  4. How to Train Your Vagina (How to Train your Dragon)
  5. Kissing a Vagina (Kissing a Fool)
  6. Happy Vagina (Happy Feet)
  7. Breaking Vagina (Breaking Dawn)
  8. Journey to the Center of the Vagina (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
  9. Deep Vagina (Deep Impact)
  10. My Bloody Vagina 3D (My Bloody Valentine 3D)
  1. V for Vagina (V for Vendetta)
  2. The Men Who Stare at Vaginas (The Men Who Stare at Goats)
  3. Jennifer’s Vagina (Jennifer’s Body)
  4. The Greatest Vagina Ever Played (The Greatest Game ever Played)
  5. Into the Vagina (Into the Blue)
  6. In Her Vagina (In Her Shoes)
  7. What Happens in Vagina (What Happen in Vegas)
  8. Vagina Disturbance (Domestic Disturbance)
  9. Stuck on Vagina (Stuck on You) – *hindi po si John Lloyd starring dito
  10. A Vagina to Remember (A Walk to Remember)

I think that’s enough Vagina for now. I’m tired from doing this many Vagina….jokes.

This is my mema post, so pagbigyan nyo na ako. 😛