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(based on a poem i have wirtten way back in college. Lost the copy and was only able to remember some lines. I had an encounter during a few years back that made me want to write the poem again. But since I dont keep my poems, I was only able to get a few lines and just added some to suit the moment. I am sooo going to keep track of all my works now. =P)


Somewhere in Time

Have i by chance met you before?
I cant remember, i cant be sure
In another time, another world?
All these things they seem so blurred.

There’s something in you that makes me wonder
You make me think, you make me ponder
I really believe that we have known each other
In the past maybe we were together.

Were you a queen, was i the drone?
Were we in love, was i alone?
Were you a princess, was i your knight?
Holding each other under the moon’s light

We shared stories, laughters and even tears
Stupid jokes, one liners, and darkness fears
During those times, i felt i was whole
Convergence of the mind, mating of the soul

But at this world and at this time
We wish im yours and your are mine
Your heart says it can, but your head cannot
Be with a guy that has a lot on his back.

The heavens crashed, the earth beneath me crumbled
And my bright sunny skies suddenly darkened
I was left wandering, alone in the dark
Dont know where to go, what way to track

I spent whole my life searching for you
It will not be easy to let you go
Love like this is hard to find
And i wil not let love leave me behind

You needed time to be apart
To reconcile the brain and heart
Will your love stay or fade away
As my love will be waiting everday?

I will be counting minutes, hours and days
Missing your company every which ways
Until comes the day somewhere in time……..


That I can be yours and you can be mine 



Hulyo 2018
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